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Many people accept a life below what they are truly capable of achieving primarily because they lack the knowledge and tools necessary for optimal fulfillment .

At Wellness Innovators we offer your company:

  • on the job audio-visual health presenations for (managerial and line staff). We come fully equipped with audio-visual equipment and handouts. We also allow time for questions and answers.
  • on the job screenings such as: Blood Pressure Screening, Body Mass Index or Dental Examination which can be done along with free interpreation and advice from our professionals.


Your employees are your company's human capital asset!

Potential benefits of workplace health programs to employers and employees according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) of the U.S.

For Employers:                                                                              For Employees:                  

1)      Lower health care and disability costs                          1)      Increased well-being and self-esteem

2)      Enhanced employee productivity                                     2)      Improved health status

3)      Reduced employee absenteeism                                  3)      Lower costs for acute health issues

4)      Decreased rates of illness and injuries                         4)      Improved job satisfaction

5)      Enhanced corporate image                                              5)      Improved coping skills with stress 

Our professionals are dedicated to delivering information which is accurate, clear and convincing enough to create ripples of positive change in our audience.

Make Wellness Innovators a regular presence at your organization by including us in your yearly budget. Choose from any of the following prepared presentations, we are also able to prepare presentations on request.

 Tpoics include:

  • Stress Management
  • Childrens Health in Parenting
  • Reproductive Health
  • Understanding Aging
  • Staying Healthy After Retirement
  • Good Medical, Dental and Emotional Hygiene
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Defeating Chronic Illnesses
  • "I Am Beautiful" Sefl Appreciation

Please contact us for a quote at info@wellnessinnovators.com or (758) 458- 2623




NG Inspirations

Ms. Naomie Grandison
Wellness Innovator/Vocalist
Registered Nurse at
NG Inspirations
Tel # (758) 572 9355
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Family Medical Clinic Plus

Dr. Andre Matthew
Wellness Innovator
Medical Doctor. General Practitioner at Family Medical Clinic Plus
Tel # (758) 458 2623
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Kent Glace & Associates

Ms. Felicia Montoute
Wellness Innovator
Registered Dental Hygienist at Kent Glace and Associates
Tel# (758) 452 3840
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